Old Hawaiian Style  by Nicholas Black                                            


      These are images that where created during the 1980's and 1990's for the Honolulu clothing manufacture: HRH - His Royal Highness ( now Kahala Sportswear) which had a factory in Kalihi in downtown  Honolulu.  I was hired by  childhood friend Dale Hope to do textile yardage art for aloha shirts.  The company was  also interested in developing a new T shirt clothing line for the people of Hawaii.  One day while I was in the factory, I discovered a label called "Hawaiian Style"  under one of the 'cutting' tables The label was used to compliment the HRH aloha shirt clothing line.  The company was looking for a name to call the new T shirt line.    I said "Dale ...there it is - the name of the T shirt line 'Hawaiian Style'.  That was the start of Hawaiian Style clothing line and the rest is history.


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