Double Hull Canoe - Pacific Crossing

These new illustrations are from John's book  " SURF FU"  A really strange story about some water monks from the water planets through out the universe.  The brave and noble monks try to save the water planets  from evil water thieves who roam the galaxy stealing the life soarce  of god: water.  From the 18th century on the shores of Cornwall - two boys find a magic surfboard.



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Surf Fu

Drawings for John C. Nippolt's exciting book " SURF FU "


Carl & Hawaii Paddleboard Championships

Andrew & Kap Park painting 

Edmond & Kap Park Three Trees & Now There Are Only Two painting.

Presidents House Manoa                                                Kapiolani Park

Andrew Rose Gallery opening with the yellow Kapiolani Park painting above.
My daughter Emily at the Andrew Rose Gallery opening.

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