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           Giclee Prints are avaliable.  These painting, pen & ink and silkscreen images can be printed on canvas or high quality archival paper.  The print is "print to order" and a quote can be given by phone or the internet. Postage & shipping & tax is included.  Usually shipped in a packaging tube for protection.


        Giclee printing got it's start in the world's most famous museums.  When a masterpiece painting like the ' Mona Lisa' goes on a world wide tour,  the museum will hang a copy  giclee print of the original in it's place. This is  so the museum visitor can get a feel of what the painting would be  like in the museum context.


         Standard " off set " printing uses a four color process: magent, blue, yellow, and black. When I went to Mile's Print Logic studio, he showed me the massive printers.  In the back of these printers where they keep the color cartride slots, I saw that there where nine slots not four!  Not only the primary colors are used but there are four different kinds of black cartrides ! Also Mile's magic touch high resolution camera & lighting craftsmanship makes the  "master scan" the very best.  No wonder the prints are so shape and  so true to the orginal painting.


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Canoe Builders
Canoe Builders
Molokai Channel

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Molokai Channel

Gallery Showings


The Nick Black Art collection is available for gallery showings as part of a group exhibit or for one man shows.  Below is the Grand Wailea Maui and Hawaii State Art Museum.



Non Profit Organization


            The Nick Black Art collection is available to Non Profit community organizations of Hawaii who wish to use an image for a fund raising event.  Sometimes I get requests to design or use old art work from the past for canoe clubs. silent auctions and other charitable organizations.   There is no fee on my part.    This helps to create  funds for "financial sustainablity"  to these organizations to carry on ther mission.  Bill is wearing the Hokule'a PVS return voyage shirt.




Logo Design


Nick Black is available to work on fine art commissions and freelance logo design.


Logos Designed by Nick Black


Nick Black is available to work on fine art commissions and freelance logo design. This is Tony and his Big Island dream.  Plus Wim with his canoe and his house and if you look very hard you might see his wife.  Mi & Di's 4910 Kahala Avenue house.


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