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New T-shirt

New design  - with Dale coming up with the concept & Jeana doing the excellent printing.  Nice 'cut & sew' exclusive for the OCC


Jimmy B with his dogs



John Nippolt's New Book




     These new illustrations are from John's new book  " SURF FU".   A really strange story about some water monks from the water planets in the universe.   These brave and noble monks try to save the water planets  from evil liquid thieves who roam the galaxy stealing  life's water!   From the 18th century on the shores of Cornwall England, we have two boys finding a magic surfboard.  A boy runs away from home because of a mean father.   On his way to his adventure, he encounters a most horrific incident that involves pirates, army men, a van full of immirgants and a flying saucer.   We have a giant tarpon fish that will eat you whole, shallow temple monks, a child witnessing his parents death at the jaws of an evil serpent, highjacking pirates and  time traveling Sir Francis Drake's ship coming out of a giant wave on the coast of Baja in the surf era  years of the 1960's.  

        What a story and I am doing the illustrations!!! - you can not make this stuff up.  I have no clue where John is coming from and where he gets these visions.     Anyway more to come........................






Drawings for John C. Nippolt's exciting book " SURF FU "

Carl with paddleboard art

Andrew & Kap Park painting 

Edmond & Kap Park Three Trees painting.... but now there are only two trees .

   They chopped one down.

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