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"Love many, trust few and paddle your own canoe."

  "Love many, trust few and paddle your own canoe."    This is a quote I saw above a door in a house in Niu Valley. The ohana house was next to a horse corral that had a sign on a hitchingpost that said: "Home of the Hawks."


  BLUE CANOE HAWAII is an area on the outskirts of Waikiki where a floatila of two man, four man and whatever man Hawaiian outrigger canoes have conslolidated over the years. The canoes are all moored on the water fronting the Outrigger Canoe Club (OCC) and the the Elk's Club...where they filmed the movie "The Desendents." 


  There are roughly fourteen Hawaiian canoes in the BLUE CANOE HAWAII zone with various riggings for surfing, sailing, and/or fishing. The special molds and templates that create these canoes reflect authentic Hawaiian cultural roots that are expressed most distinctly in the OCC two man canoes: "Duke" & "Dad."


  Most of these canoe owners are huis (groups or clubs) that take them out to the beautiful blue waters off the OCC and beyond. Many of these waterman have deep, sometimes spiritual connections to their canoes and surf them well on any given day.


  If you want to see & feel what it is like to take to the waters at the foot of Diamond Head,  in a privite canoe ride with an expert waterman, try Kapakahi Canoe Tours with Mark, Pat and Morrisa.


 Expert sailor/waterman  Bruce and first mate Cindy,  can take you sailing in an outrigger sailing canoe ride for a "hands on" adventure with Aloha Spirit Hawaii.





King of the Hawaiian Canoe- Jimmy Thurston at In's & Out's

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