Blue Canoe Hawaii

                                                                                                               Old Hawaiian Style

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"Love many, trust few and paddle your own canoe."


  "Love many, trust few and paddle your own canoe."    This is a quote I saw above a door in a house in Niu Valley in Honolulu. The ohana house was next to a horse corral that had a sign on a hitchingpost that said: "Home of the Hawks."


"......more than 2,500 canoes with 10,000 paddlers "

                                                                      Captain Cook wrote in his ships log anchored off  Kealakekua Bay, 1779



      BLUE CANOE HAWAII is an area on the outskirts of Waikiki where a floatila of two man, four man and whatever man Hawaiian outrigger canoes have conslolidated over the years. The canoes are all floating on the waters fronting the Outrigger Canoe Club  and  the Elk's Lodge...where they filmed the movie "The Desendents." 


   There is about a dozen Hawaiian canoes near Kaluahole Channel with various riggings for surfing, sailing, and fishing.  The  Outrigger's two man canoes,  the "Duke" &  the "Dad", have the best shape and style for the small Hawaiian fishing canoe.


    Most of these canoe owners are huis (groups or clubs) that take them out to the beautiful blue waters off Waikiki and beyond.   Many of these waterman have  a deep connections to their canoes and fish, sail, and surf them well on any given day.


Expert sailor/waterman  Bruce (Hokule'a - PVS crew member) and first mate Cindy,  can take you sailing in an outrigger sailing canoe ride for a "hands on" adventure that can be  wet & wild or a relaxing sail  with a peaceful breeze  & sunset.   Aloha Spirit Hawaii.


    If you want to see & feel what it is like to take to the waters at the foot of Diamond Head,  in a privite canoe ride with an expert waterman, try a personal experiance with Kapakahi Canoe Tours with Mark, Pat and Merisa in their blue & white outrigger.


                                                                                                                          Freature Steersman







Captain Bruce & First Mate Cindy



                                                                       Old Hawaiian Style


      OLD HAWAIIAN STYLE  t-shirts where very popular during the golden years of the 1980's and 90's.  This was a fun time  to be a textile artist in Hawaii's  colorful clothing industry.


                                            " If you can live it . you can create it' "


     Anyway I was designing yardage for Sun Fashion clothing company in Honolulu,  when I happen to come across one of Howard's old HRH aloha shirt labels called ....... "Hawaiian Style".

I found the label under one of the long fabric tables used for cutting the cloth in the factory.   I thought this is real neat. Dale (The Aloha Shirt) was looking for a name for a new clothing line. We talked about what was the meaning  of Hawaiian Style  while sitting on the beach at Kahala. We had all kinds ideas from little kid days growing up in Hawaii.   I got to draw fish, fishing, surfing, popular local locations, water sports, Hawaiiana.   Whatever made us happy.


       Some sketches were drawn up and showed  to Charlie, the head seamtress, and the office girls the drawings to see what they thought.  They liked the designs.  Everyone has a little "local " in them here in the islands.  We passed the finshed art work to  masterprinter Sanford (Ohana Fabrics) to do some t-shirt samples.  Off we went.  Liberty House (now Macys) loved the concept and went  "handline and sinker" in retailing the brand.  Not only did Liberty House run with Hawaiian Style  but the small mom & pop fishing  supplies stores like "Charlies" did too.   Marketing genius. Dale, created "a store with inside of a store"  like a  full on Fish Market  with scales, tide calenders, thrownet and fishnet.   Whatever, you name it.


      The Hawaiian Style t-shirt line helped compliment the aloha shirts of His Royal Highness - HRH,  which evolved into Kahala Sportswear / Tori Richards.   In fact we figured, "'what the heck" and   created a fictitious clothing line called Kahala Bay Club  to have somewhere to go to hang out.  If you are going to have a beach club, might as well be Kahala....... just off the left of  the "right of way"  at Hunakai Street.  The  beach front Kahala Bay Club  rules were simple:


                     " No dues - membership is free  & everyone gets in the club "



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